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Ubuntu 9.10 Alternate AMD

Install of this version is not always as easy as it should… This time I’ve tried ton install Ubuntu 9.10 on my main computer. I used the “Ubuntu 9.10 Alternate AMD64″ CD because this PC is running 2 SATA hard drives configured in Raid 1… and only the alternate version is able to install it in Raid “out of the box”. But, during the installation process, system complains about mounting the standard CD release… like if the Alternate CD was not a full version… but the CD is mounted so the CD player stays closed… A quick search on the internet and I see that I’m not the only one with this problem. Fortunately, install from 9.10 DVD version seems to solve this bug… I’ll try it as soon as possible but maybe it’s time to ask if Ubuntu should not break the rule and postpone the launch of a new version if problems still exist… like Debian way… but not excessively ;-)

PS 11/18/2009 : I confirm, with the DVD install works like a charm !

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